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Danish language.
Danish started to develop from Old East Norse during the 9th century AD. The early forms of Danish are collectively known as Old Danish, and can be divided into Runic Danish/Swedish 800-1100 AD, Early Middle Danish 1100-1350 and Late Middle Danish 1350-1525.
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Notable Danish footballers include Allan Simonsen, named the best player in Europe in 1977, Peter Schmeichel, named the World's' Best Goalkeeper" in 1992 and 1993, and Michael Laudrup, named the best Danish player of all time by the Danish Football Union.
Danish language - Wikipedia.
Danish itself can be divided into three main dialect areas: West Danish Jutlandic, Insular Danish including the standard variety, and East Danish including Bornholmian and Scanian Under the view that Scandinavian is a dialect continuum, East Danish can be considered intermediary between Danish and Swedish, while Scanian can be considered a Swedified East Danish dialect, and Bornholmsk is its closest relative.
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In Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish, the term for Danish pastry is wienerbrød or wienerbröd meaning Viennese" bread. 10 11 The same etymology is also the origin of the Finnish viineri and Estonian Viini sai Viennese" pastry .In" Vienna, the Danish pastry is called Kopenhagener Plunder, referring to Copenhagen, or Dänischer Plunder.

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