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Media: Danish pastry. A Danish pastry, sometimes shortened to just Danish especially in American English, is a multilayered, laminated sweet pastry in the viennoiserie tradition. The concept was brought to Denmark by Austrian bakers, and has since developed into a Danish specialty.
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citation needed The Danish Emergency Management Agency employs 2000, including conscripts, and about 4000, are in non-branch-specific services like the Danish Defence Command and the Danish Defence Intelligence Service. Furthermore, around 55000, serve as volunteers in the Danish Home Guard.
Danish language Wikipedia.
Main article: History of Danish. The Danish philologist Johannes Brøndum-Nielsen divided the history of Danish into a period from 800 AD to 1525 to be Old" Danish, which he subdivided into Runic" Danish" 800-1100, Early Middle Danish 11001350 and Late Middle Danish 13501525.

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